So apparently Coakley is poised to lose the race tomorrow. Not sure how I’m supposed to feel about this — in an ideal world you’d think that losing Ted Kennedy’s seat would cause the Dems to say, “Well, we have kind’ve been acting like pandering, compliant assholes” and maybe go for a change of direction, but then they’re a bunch of giant pussies so I’m sure the actual reaction would be that it’s time for them to get further in bed with industry and Act More Like The Republicans. Interestingly, the young (18-29) people that’re getting polled for the race are for Brown (R) by a 2-1 margin. Special elections are funky, but I wonder how we’re supposed to interpret that? Are there overwhelming numbers of young conservatives in MA? If they’re pissed at Obama are they coming from the left or the right? Not really sure how to tell if they’re voting for Brown/GOP or against Obama/Dems.


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