Tis the season for criminal fail

At least we can comfort ourselves with the thought that people who act on these harebrained schemes aren’t likely to be very smart.

‘A Swedish neo-Nazi group planned to sell the infamous “Arbeit Macht Frei” sign stolen from the Auschwitz death camp to fund an attack on the prime minister, The London Times reported.

“We are aware of the information about the alleged attack plans,” Patrik Peter, a spokesman for the Swedish security police told The Times.

The sign, which means “Work Makes You Free,” was stolen Dec. 18 by five men and was later found in three pieces several hundred miles from the camp in Oswiecim, Poland.

The thieves, all Polish nationals, were arrested and are being interrogated, Polish police said.

A Swedish newspaper reported that a former leader of a Nazi group said a buyer “was ready to pay millions for the sign.”‘

So white, Polish, neo-Nazi terrorists planned to murder the Swedish Prime Minister by stealing a piece of Holocaust history to sell to yet another neo-Nazi, the money from which would fund the entire act of terrorism.

via at-Largely: Update on the theft of Auschwitz camp sign story….

Abdulmutallab reportedly injected material from a syringe into a packet of powder taped to his leg, which set his pants on fire. The Nigerian national was immediately subdued, the plane landed — and he soon told investigators he had received explosives instruction from Al Qaeda operatives in Yemen.

ABC News is now reporting that federal officials are dubious of his account, and suspect that he may have been acting on his own.

via Rocky plans hearings on terror attempt – Glenn Thrush – POLITICO.com.


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