Keep moving those goalposts

Greenwald flags this past summer’s version of Ezra Klein behaving in a manner that is somewhat inconsistent with the holiday model.

Most observers now think that some form of public plan will survive in the final bill. The question is what form of [public] plan? . . . . For most of you, this is the big one. The inclusion of a strong public insurance option has become, for most observers I know, the single most recognizable marker for victory. If the public plan exists, liberals have won. If it’s eliminated, or neutered, then conservatives have triumphed.

Back in June — when most people, according to Klein, believed the final bill would have a public option — the progressive consensus was that the existence of the public option would single-handedly determine whether progressives won or lost (Klein himself wasn’t necessarily adopting that view, only saying that “most of you” have done so).  Yet now that the bill will have not merely a “neutered” public option, but no public option at all, the exact opposite decree is issued by the progressive establishment:  this public-option-free health care bill is the single greatest achievement since LBJ or, perhaps, even FDR, rendering all progressive opposition to it immoral and insane (see here for a perfect example of this shift).  What accounts for that reversal?

via Glenn Greenwald –

Yeah, Klein himself didn’t so much advocate that view, but he hasn’t so much gotten around to acknowledging that the people he was referring to have changed their tune and he didn’t name any of them by name. So it’s kind’ve six of one, half a dozen of the other.


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