We put ketchup on your shit sandwich and are confident you’ll enjoy it more now

So if this pisses me off I’m immature, standing in the way of real progress, etc. right? That’s how it works?

Senator Ben Nelson, Cragfaced Toupee Monstrosity-NE

Sen. Ben Nelson D-NE confirmed moments ago that he will support the Senate health care bill, which will soon be amended to include new, more restrictive abortion language. But, he says, he reserves the right to filibuster the very final version of health care legislation if it changes significantly when Senate and House negotiators meet to agree upon a single package of reforms.

Unlike the so-called Stupak language in the House, Nelson’s abortion language would not forbid people who receive subsidy assistance from the federal government from buying insurance policies that cover abortion. However, according to Nelson, the money that pays for each such policy will have to be separated into two pools–one that pays for the abortion coverage, and one for all other services.

via Nelson: Ill Filibuster Post-Conference Health Care Bill If House Forces Major Changes | TPMDC.

Nelson just now announced that he would support the bill, after having reached a deal on abortion with the following details:

(1) ensure that no public funds will be used for abortion;

(2) mandate that every state provide an insurance plan option that does not cover abortion; and

(3) gives each state the right to pass a law barring insurance coverage for abortion within state borders.

via Ben Nelson’s A Yes! Reform Edges Closer To Reality | The Plum Line.

Not quite Stupak but still pretty fucking bad. Of course by this time tomorrow we’ll probably find out what new reason Lieberman comes up with to make the bill even shittier.

I’m sure there will be lots of hand-wringing to come on teh ‘liberal’ blogs about how women have every right to be pissed but hey we gotta do what we gotta do amirite? It seems like this extension of rights has been happening to lots of groups in the last year: gay folks, progressives liberals in general, now women. I can’t help but wonder when old white guys get a turn at having every right to be upset?

Have a bite of this shit sandwich Senator Nelson, it’s delicious.

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  1. pretty much. i’m done with the democrats. if my vote is a waste either way, then fuck them. obama seems to think that the liberal base will swallow any damn thing he throws at them while he’s pandering to some half-assed notion of “bipartisanship” that’s really giving the right everything they want and giving the left nothing of what they want. but seriously, fuck that. this isn’t what i voted for, and unless there’s a real turn-around in the next couple of years (HA!) it won’t be what i vote for in 2012.

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