On the subject of Obamania

Cannot question President. Can’t remain *somewhat* supportive of him either, apparently. John Cole gets his ire up because Howard Dean dared to suggest that while he remains supportive of Obama, the results of the first year may leave him less inclined in that direction than he previously was.

I know you are not allowed to speak ill of Howard Dean, but things like this should remind you that even really smart people can be idiots:

On MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” Thursday, Howard Dean said he would vote for President Obama in 2012 but he would not “vigorously” support his reelection. “I’m going to support President Obama when he runs for re-election,” Dean, a former presidential candidate himself, said. “Not vigorously. I’m going to vote for him.” Host Joe Scarborough laughed.

I swear it feels like a certain portion of the progressive movement is really hoping for a bloodbath in 2010 to teach those damned Senators a lesson. That’ll teach ‘em! I’ve always thought we needed a liberal Club for Growth mentality to help elect Republicans.

via Balloon Juice » Blog Archive » Unadulterated Idiocy.

Because saying you still support the guy is totally the same thing as primarying him! Stop having all these damn opinions and just shut up and vote and hope for the best. It’s just ridiculous, the comments are full of people talking about “well we can thank Dean for President Palin in ’12” and “What did you expect, for Obama to clean up everything in a year after Bush lied us into (blah blah blah)” because zero Democrats voted in favor of going into Iraq and Cole saying people who think about staying him from the polls have “poutrage” and all of this simplistic garbage.  (Fortunately there are also a ton of people telling Cole he’s full of it, which is one of the things that still makes the site worthwhile.) People just love their caricatures.  Me, I don’t have specific expectations about what Obama should have accomplished by now, just a general idea of what him putting out a serious effort to get something real done would’ve looked like.

I guess this is just how it goes. Personally my caricature of Cole and the commenters agreeing with him at this point is that it’s starting to look a lot like the cult of Bush.


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