gawker introduces a new tag, which amuses me no end. but it’s the comments that are awesome:

Mediahohoho  This only serves to reflect the weakness of Harry Reid. Grow a set, Harry, Joe is slapping you around like a little bitch. He campaigned against the President. He’d do it again. He’s threatening to shit on your legislative agenda, again, out of what seems like sheer petulance. Kick him to the other side of the aisle with the other losers and let Nelson, Lincoln, McCaskill and the other DINY take notice. And when the Republicans and other fake Dems threaten to filibuster, roll in the army cots and let them talk. You all get paid enough to make those old white men put their mouth where the insurance companies’ money is. Let’s hear what these no nothings have to say

which brings me back to what we were talking about the other day. i may admittedly be in a lefty/progressive echo chamber, but it seems like there are tons of people out there, people who are neither you nor me, who are pissed off at business as usual on the left. dems have a fucking majority, and they are doing precisely nothing with it. so what do we do? vote third party? like you said, how is it any worse than throwing your vote away on a bunch of pussies who won’t do anything of substance?

yesterday i was re-watching sports night, which was on in 1998, and one of the characters said that he used to donate money to the democratic party, but he stopped because there are only so many times you can have your heart broken. i think i might be done having my heart broken.

  1. fauxpopuli said:

    for real. watching these people get rolled by the likes of joe lieberman and olympia snowe day after day after day is fucking ludicrous. I don’t even know what else to say, it’s just baffling. bunch of lightweights. imagine what would’ve happened if someone like LBJ had a 60-vote majority.

    • slimlove said:

      i find LBJ fascinating. such a study in contrasts. there’s a really good PBS documentary on him, you should look it up.

      in an interview with the av club, patterson hood of the drive-by truckers talked some about why he finds LBJ interesting:

      AVC: You’ve also talked about making a concept record about Lyndon and Ladybird Johnson with Will Johnson of Centro-matic. What’s the status of that?

      PH: We’re not working on it yet. We’re talking about it. At some point, when we both have time, we’re going to hole up in a cabin for about two weeks and we’re going to write that thing. In the meantime, we’re both reading book after book about it. […]

      AVC: Why Lyndon Johnson?

      PH: I’ve had a lifelong obsession with dualities, and he’s kind of a duality president. He encompasses the very best and the very worst of our country. The Great Society didn’t work out as planned, but it was very noble. But you also have Vietnam. Because of his tragic flaws, his place in history isn’t anywhere near where he wanted it to be, and where it otherwise would have been. But you have to hold him responsible because he did make those decisions. I’m just interested in that. He’s a fascinating character.

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