hell in a handbasket, i tell you

36 million people are on food stamps, Black Friday sales are up, and pious, self-righteous indignation from every angle wants to either burn, shame, or starve the suffering. The operative word there being: suffering. And where there’s smoke (the discourse online) there’s fire (everywhere else). The danger in this isn’t that people are starving, or that people might be stealing from the community chest, or that the people who’re well on their way to going hungry are lighting sparks under the Hindenburg of their personal finances by lining up at Best Buy earlier than they’ve ever arrived to work, though, that’s all fairly disturbing. No: the real American Tragedy here’s that people are castigating and savoring the suffering of others, without discretion or discrimination. It ends in either a whimper or a bang; until then, there’s a lot of very loud, angry noise drowning out anything remotely resembling the sound of progress.

via gawker. i don’t think i need to comment on the disturbing fact that many people in this country seem to think dickensian-era policies and laws re: the poor were a good thing.

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