amen, sister friend

jezebel user otakugirl, commenting on this article, says what i would like to say, in much better words:

OK, here’s why I’m finally going to lose it the next time someone implies I’m an “elitist, liberal snob” because I’ve got an advanced education and live in a very large, coastal city: I just got home from a week-long visit to the rust-belt, flyover town I grew up in, where my family on both sides goes back at least four generations. And every time I visit that place, I’m reminded how those generations toiled, and busted their asses in steel mills and oil refineries, and died too young from stress or industrial poisons or inopportune uncontrolled baby-making (I’m looking at you, Catholic Church), and still, bit by bit, sent their kids off to get more and better schooling and made better lives for them, until we got here, now, with me and my siblings and gazillion cousins all doing pretty much all right for ourselves.

And now, after all that work and sacrifice, some opportunistic, semi-literate, jingoistic fuckwit is going to tell me, and through me those generations of my family, that all that work and learning and improvement was bad or immoral or a betrayal of something somehow, and that we should’ve just stayed where we were?

Fuck you, Palin, and fuck everything you stand for. I may work a white-collar job, but I still throw a blue-collar right, and me and the people who got me here would like a quick chat about what the words “real” and “American” mean.

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