Occam’s Sledgehammer

Because clearly the most likely reason for rising healthcare premiums is healthcare legislation that hasn’t passed yet, won’t take affect for several years and will primarily be making changes to individual plans when it does. Also healthcare costs never went up once in the history of time until healthcare reform didn’t pass.

  1. you think that’s bad? this, from a distant relative of mine:

    [People without health insurance] are also more likely to be heavy drinkers, drug addicts, homeless, jobless, illegal aliens, gays with AIDS, from the lower economic strata, etc.

    Which – uh, no. Because people that low down can get medical (and, btw, he lives in California, so he should know that). The people in trouble are the freelancers, contract workers, part time workers–the people who aren’t automatically covered and either can’t afford or can’t qualify for insurance. Of all the uninsured people I’ve known, the majority of them were in fact gainfully employed. God knows the two times I’ve been uninsured I was still fully employed.

  2. fauxpopuli said:

    Man, that is just wtf. I can see how someone could at least convince themselves at a glance that it’s ok to ignore drug addicts and illegal aliens because they’re unproductive leeches who should gitarealjob!!! etc. but how the fuck does “gays with aids” correlate? And assuming that ‘stat’ wasn’t just pulled outt’ve someone’s ass what’d be the point of bringing it up if you don’t intend to say “so fuck ’em ‘cuz they’re not me” ?? “Oh no see it’s ok that disadvantaged people don’t have health insurance. They’re disadvantaged!”

    It takes a serious case of balzheimers* to say you don’t give a fuck about the poor, the unemployed and the drunk in this economy. I’m not sure what”s worse — the future Nobel winner whose tweet I clipped above failing to realize that companies have been heading towards this for awhile she’s using something pro-reformers have been WARNING ABOUT to argue against reform, or I’ve-got-miners rubbing their (figurative) fat bellies and talking about “fuck those low-income unemployed drunks” as though there’s some other, more reasonable response to losing your job and going broke in a double-digit unemployment environment than getting sauced.

    Actually I’m going to go with the latter. The latter is worse, because it’s a trick I’ve seen performed by certain (cough) people who either work for the government directly or for government contractors directly after arguing that “gummint gotta tighten its belt” and whatnot.


    Actually I guess this would be reverse balzheimers but w/e.

  3. fauxpopuli said:

    Well wordpress decided that I don’t get to edit that comment unless I log in even though um… yeah.

    Anyway, I meant to raise two points about the “I’ve got mine” crowd:

    1- If you blame people for getting drunk after losing their jobs in this environment you’re an asshole.

    and additionally

    2- If you vote by looking down your nose at people who’ve lost their jobs you better hope to whatever shitty little god you worship that you don’t join ’em anytime soon or you’re going to find out just exactly wtf you were voting for.

  4. yeah, for real. i actually had a great rant all worked out in the shower this morning, and naturally it has mostly dissipated by now. but i do remember a couple of points:

    –further conversation on this topic is going on in the email listserv, mostly focused on “illegals” going to the ER because they can’t be turned away. three things on this point: first, stop being so jingoistic; illegals aren’t covered by health care reform legislation. second, how do you know they’re illegal? there are actually brown people who are citizens, jackass. third, when people don’t have insurance, and don’t live in a place with low-cost clinics (thank you, berkeley), then what is their option? health care is even more costly for them because they can’t just go to a doctor for routine preventative care, they wait until something goes massively wrong and they end up in the ER with massive hospital bills. yes, this is definitely something we should a) blame them for; and b) continue on with a functional way of life.

    –like i said before, most of the uninsured people i’ve known have in fact been employed, many of them as contract or freelance workers who don’t qualify for benefits. now, i’m sure my esteemed relation would say that they should just get a more stable job if they care about health insurance. and i have some rebuttals to that, of course. first, companies are increasingly using contract and per diem employees so they don’t have to pay benefits; lyn has been a contract worker for more than a year now. second, in this economic environment, what are people supposed to do: quit a job that’s bringing in at least some money? like it’s so easy to find another full-time, benefit-laden job right now. but hey, those people clearly don’t deserve health insurance.

    –or what about the people who can’t get insurance because of “pre-existing conditions,” which can be anything. one abnormal pap smear that turned out to be nothing? no coverage for you. seizure within the past five years? no coverage for you, and good luck paying for those anti-seizure pills yourself. you say you’ve had a child before? well, that makes you a risky candidate, no coverage for you.

    what happened to simple compassion? what about a sense of fairness? why shouldn’t there be a public, non-profit, regulated means for the uninsurable to secure health care? what is wrong with people that they think just because they’re “fortunate” enough to have good benefits (and many of the people on this particular listserv have used that exact terminology) other people deserve to go without health care or to bankrupt themselves for it?

    i keep going back to that OC comic i posted about a couple weeks ago: it’s a good thing there’s not a commandment about not being an asshole, because most of the people claiming (loudly) to be “christians” seem to have overlooked the whole “love thy neighbor as you would yourself” part.

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