Two Great Tastes That Go Great Together

The groundwork is already done. Get ready for the War On Christmas to go into extra super-duper Nazi mode this year. It’s just so fun repeating stuff!
Speaking of which, the first comment from “Liz in Bergen County NJ” has to be satire right?
This is great. I can now call anyone who advocates for the secularization of Christmas a Nazi! When they protest, I can reference this exhibit and Hitler’s efforts and it should quiet them real fast!

– Liz, Bergen County NJ, 18/11/2009 13:11

She thinks she has an ace in the hole. Too bad I don’t live in NJ ‘cuz Liz has a nice big cup of “shut your idiotic mouth. stop and think before you ever dare to compare a systematic campaign conducted by those responsible for the deaths of millions to a group of corporations voluntarily diversifying their holiday displays to increase profit and a few scattered incidents of overzealous city councils and homerowners’ associations again” waiting for her out there somewhere and I’d be happy to deliver it. I mean my god, the ignorant, pigheaded glee apparent in that comment. Omg ah gets ta call someone a nazi! Hurr hurr now ah gots me a rhetorical club to beat anyone that disagrees with what Fox tells me ta think! *snort snort, shove face full of twinkies*

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