Coming Soon to a Dimwitted Blog Post Near You

Energy Commission appointed by Republican Governor passes standards for electrical consumption by teevees. We-never-quite-say-who-but-you-know-and-we-know-you-know-wink-wink editorials by rightwing blowhards blame Democrats, misunderstand/misconstrue economies of scale to conclude that there will be “in-CA” and “other” lines of televisions rather than a nationwide movement to higher-efficiency models, and use scary foreign-sounding words like “diktat” which in this context would actually mean Schwarzenegger punished the Democrats.

In real life any televisions that’re already owned or get purchased in the next year are exempt. About 25% of the models currently on store shelves would be affected 4 years from now except there actually is no such thing as a consumer electronics product with a four-year shelf life and in all likelihood televisions will continue to get more efficient through market mechanisms (LED anyone?) at a pace that makes the regulations invisible if not entirely unnecessary. But that isn’t going to stop stupid motherfuckers who go through life looking for things to blame Obama for (which I’m sure is the logical progression of this) and as you can see from the comment section people are more than happy to get outraged on command.

I don’t know why I even bother to pay attention to this shit anymore. People are fucking morons, they’re gonna believe any ridiculous thing they’re told because they’re too lazy to think for themselves and there’s nothing I can do to change that. I know I’m yet to feel as though I’ve ever gotten through to a single person. It’s all just so old.

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