One-Trick Mind

It’s time for Rep. King to learn some new tricks, but like the family dog he’d prefer to shake hands for the 14 millionth time and just get the treat already. Who’s a good boy? Who wants to talk about something other than ACORN? No, sit down and be good damnit. You’ll get the treat when you behave.

Back in the real world Craig stepping down is about the Obama admin throwing itself under the bus over whether or not to puss out on closing Gitmo. But I guess acknowledging that Obama is actually considering doing what the GOP wants him to on Gitmo – ie, nothing – isn’t a winner so he goes back to the well yet again.

I think next time Taco Bell screws up my order I’m going to start shouting about ACORN. It couldn’t make any less sense than King could it? And I might get a free drink.


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