So apparently there are these things called gold parties where your “friends” invite you to their house, get you drunk and convince you to sell off your jewelery at a fraction of its value. Not particularly new (tupperware parties anyone?) but certainly low-class.

But forget all that. What the hell is up with the series of images they decided to attach to this article? It looks like they did a google image search for Gold and just linked whatever came back. One of them is a picture of a WWE performer who doesn’t appear to be wearing any jewlery at all. Wtf? There’s also an Asian woman winking at a bar, a picture of two dorkass drunk guys in gold-tinted suits, a screencap of The Price is Right (which undercuts the point made on the page it accompanies, which actually is that the price at gold parties is *wrong*) and some other weird, non-sequitur visual accompaniments. At the end of the piece is a link to an article about starting your own gold mine. The whole thing is surreal.

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