Hail to the True Kings

Dark Tranquillity* are celebrating their 20th anniversary this year. These guys have been together and playing melodeath since a year before Vanilla Ice first got famous. Three lineup changes in 20 years in a volatile niche genre, they get heavier every year and my god let me tell you: they are fucking good live. There’s a high probability that anyone reading this has no idea wtf I’m talking about, but raise a glass to them anyway. It’s a monumental feat for any band let alone one in this genre.

This probably sounds like a bunch of guys vomiting into a blender to most of you, but whatever. Seeing these guys was about as close to a religious experience as my life gets. I can only imagine what it was like seeing ’em with that many fellow motherfuckers in a nice open field like that. Goddamn.

*yeah it’s spelled that way

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