At the Risk of Breaking Character

If I could be temporarily serious…

I just had one of those moments where something you’ve long felt but could never quite express finally crystallizes. I don’t think it’s a stretch to the imaginations of a familiar few to say that I’m known as someone who has a rather substantial beef with not only this country, its inhabitants and the political and dogmatic systems thereof but also some of the expected basic components of social interaction and day-to-day life itself. That said, and in spite of outward appearances, I am extremely grateful that I fall into the specific and increasingly-narrowed category of those who do benefit from what I must tell you is a relatively exceptional social safety net. I know that I can google up some corner cases about artists in Switzerland receiving overly-generous government grants, but I can just as easily provide you with examples of Korean horror stories. Without losing sight of the fact that – overall – my country spends a relatively paltry amount on taking care of those less fortunate, I do want to say that what we have works pretty well. I am baffled by the degree to which social security, HUD and food stamps have been successfully demonized in a society in which Medicare represents a political third-rail: not so much by the fact that there are groups mobilized against these issues, but by the degree of passion in their ignorance and by the lack of a strong pushback.  This country is falling apart, we are all increasingly at risk and yet we still focus first and foremost on how opposed we are to paying for someone else to have a bare-minimum standard of living. As a nonbeliever even I cannot understand how we’ve gotten so far away from that whole “Love others as yourself / I am my brother’s keeper” thing. We are shortsighted, petty and cruel and we truly have the government that we deserve.

ps. shit piss video games idiot beer snark balls fuck moronic ass Simpsons reference cocksucker twat food guitar Spencer Havner. Consider my quota filled.

  1. amen, brother friend.

    even in these bleak times, we have so much. we’re so fortunate, as a nation. we have such *potential* for greatness. and we spend all our time trying to figure out how to keep it all for some mythical Us, denying anything for Them: denying rights, denying care–hell, denying reality.

  2. fauxpopuli said:

    I Want My Country Back.

    I’m not sure what that means but I feel it quite strongly.

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