Here Is What I Meant To Post Before My Blog Got Angry At Me

This is just getting stupid. Sesame Street did a parody of CNN (“GNN,” the Grouchy News Network; run by Oscar) and Fox (“Pox News”) on a recent episode. Breitbart & Co. – among various other goons – are pretending they don’t notice that CNN is getting the same treatment as Fox, prattling on with their conservative victimization leitmotif and posturing as though they don’t get that Sesame Street referring to Pox as “trashy” is a fucking joke – and the “caller” to Oscar’s show (grouch – trashy – get it? Well, the kids did…) was using “trashy” as a compliment, saying that they would be switching to Pox because GNN isn’t grouchy enough. It’s all just… fuck me, these are allegedly grown, mature adult humans here and they have nothing better to do but sit around and project their paranoia onto a goddamned children’s show segment. PBS BLAH BLAH TAX DOLLARS BLAH BLAH LIBRUL INDOCTRINATION WAHHHH

I realize I’m falling into the trap here, paying attention to the noise machine and whatnot. What frustrates me so much is not that Breitbart and such exist, act like morons, etc. It’s that people listen to them. It’s the knowledge that I have a pretty reasonable chance of getting an email about this in the future which will leave me with the choice of either trying to explain Sesame Street to my mother or giving up and letting her wallow in the ignorance. I mean what the fuck.


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