The RNC Does Not Do What You Seem To Think It Does

Supporters of 3rd-party conservative insurgent NY-23 candidate Doug Hoffman are upset that the Republican nominee has violated party unity by dropping out and endorsing the Democrat.

  1. ok wait, let me see if i can figure this out. right wing idiots like sarah palin throw their weight behind the 3rd party uber-conservative and the mainstream republican candidate decides to drop out. and THEN those same right wing idiots are pissed that she doesn’t support their crazy wingnut candidate? their candidate isn’t even supported by the republican party, why the fuck should they care if the republican ex-candidate supports them?

  2. fauxpopuli said:

    Right. Yeah, they seem to occupy a pretty idealistic part of politisphere. I don’t get how they wouldn’t see this coming. Have we forgotten that this is politics? Like she’s gonna go, “Oh that’s just swell, I’ve worked my ass off for this party at the state level for decades but hey no problem, I’ll endorse the carpetbagging nutjob who knocked me outt’ve the race” ?

    Oh and the RNC/RSCC immediately threw support behind Hoffman, so I guess Malkin was right after all. That’s a real smart move there GOP. Now not only are the freakazoid teabagging hardliners going to be emboldened by (in all likelihood) winning NY-23 but they’ll know that they get RNC financial support if they manage to knock the actual GOP candidate outt’ve the race.

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