more STFU

calbuzz reports on a debate between steve poizner and tom campbell in the OC last night. mostly, i don’t care, because it’s early yet in the gubernatorial race. this, however, brought on the rageahol:

Campbell and Poizner engaged in a friendly series of pretty substantive and fairly specific exchanges on issues, ranging from tax cuts – Poizner wants big ones right away while Campbell wants to cut more spending first – to their mutual dislike of public employee unions – “When the economy goes down (government workers) don’t feel the same pain,” Poizner claimed

um, what? no, seriously. WTF? i am one of the lucky state employees–still employed, not yet furloughed–and let me tell you, i’m still feeling pain. how DARE he stand up there during a year when state employees have faced lay-offs, furloughs, pay cuts, and being paid with IOUs, and say that government workers don’t share the burden of a crashing economy? seriously, how the fuck dare he? STFU, you fucking ignorant asshole. 




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