Congressmen Are Such Babies

Rep Steve King (Dickweed-IA) found himself facing the commissioner of the NFL in a hearing on football head injuries, etc. prompted by a recent New Yorker article – so naturally he took the time to grandstand and try to make the moment about Rush Limbaugh. And wtf is “verbal pornography?” I’m pretty sure he just made it up.

There are plenty of other examples of King making an ass of himself available on Youtube for anyone looking to feed their addiction to rageahol.

ps. Is it just me or does Conyers sound like he’s on fuckin quaaludes or something? Oooook pooh, I guess I’l chaaaair the meeting…

On the other hand he may’ve simply had a hunch that King was about to say something stupid.. I can’t tell if he looks tired or annoyed, actually.

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