Keep The Wurlitzer Going

I’m surprised the poor thing hasn’t broken from overuse. Apparently the next fake controversy is about willful misunderstandings of the open-source software concept. Freely-available source code that can then be compiled into a binary like any other program is the same thing as Wikipedia right? Running the white house on open source software means anyone can go in and edit whatever they want at any time right?



Here’s Slate with an exceedingly-stupid take on the issue. The choice of software for the WH website is “a political disaster waiting to happen” huh? He might have a point if every bit of potential trouble he describes was something visitors of the site would encounter rather than those programming the fucking thing on the back-end. In other words? He’s essentially saying that the same people making the decision to put in this software will be the ones to turn it into a “political disaster.” Give me a fucking break. If there was the slightest hint of humor anywhere in the article I’d swear it was a satire.


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