If I May Draw Your Attention To ‘Annals of Political Blog Hypocrisy’ Section CXVIII Heading 13-B Paragraph 1

Everyone got their handouts? Continuing a theme, here’s some guy named Jeffrey Lord – previously unfamiliar to me, but soon to be filed under ‘D’ for Douche – doing his damndest to find something to bitch about.

It seems the latest Penn State t-shirt has a blue line running straight down the middle. The school colors are blue and white, and the idea, but of course, is for fans to wear them en masse at a football game or elsewhere to cause a Penn State “white out.”

The problem? If you click on the link you will find a story about this outrageous t-shirt. Why outrageous? Because…drum roll…the words “Penn State White Out,” when written across the top of the blue line resembles…the Christian cross.

Really. We kid you not.

So controversy erupts, in spite of some 30,000 shirts sold. …

My Italics. Thing is, if you click through to the article that the Amazing Dickfaced Boy is sourcing you’ll find that there have been six complaints. (Amazingly enough the article on this unremarkable non-controversy comes from Fox. At least they had the decency to present it in a straight news fashion and quote the VP, etc which is more than I can credit the AmSpec blogger for.) You’ll also read Penn State’s VP of Student Relations being quoted as saying, “Six complaints is not a controversy.” So basically Lord demonstrates his displeasure with people who make a big deal over nothing by making a big deal over nothing, and in case you somehow make it through his couple-hundred odd words without thinking him a total jackass he employs the tried and true “Good thing we’ve solved pressing national issue X and pressing national issue Y so we have time to worry about fleeting parochial/personal issue Z” technique just to make sure he can squeeze a little more douchery into the post before he signs off. You’re right Lord. If we only had six more people to divide up between Iraq, Afghanistan and the economy then I fail to see how our problems would not be solved overnight.

I can be found in the comments section, giving Lord back a bit of the bile that he helped me generate. And by the way I see you looking at me like that – but no, I’m not pretending this is a big deal at all. I merely contend that Lord is a douche.


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