Pot: Kettle Is Black And Thus A Terrible Person

I found Balloon Juice around the beginning of this year and enjoyed it greatly. The guy who runs the site (John Cole) is pretty funny and relatively humble, at least relative to the sort of raging egomaniacs who write blogs (and congregate on the internet-at-large in general.) He also posts some crap about football and some funny pet pictures so there’s a decent cross-section of stuff I’m interested in. Lately tho the wheels have really been coming off. Dude started out as a full-on foaming at the mouth right wing blogger, became disillusioned with that and went Liberal a year or three back. Now he seems to be struggling to fight off a growing realization that he’s still just as naive as he was back then and has merely switched his unfounded devotion to the other party. A couple weeks ago he was ranting a blue streak about gay folks having no business speaking out about their displeasure with Obama on gay issues, basically saying that they should sit down and wait their turn so they don’t hurt his poll numbers or cause intraparty conflict unnecessarily. Now here he is excoriating those who believe Obama needs to have spoken up on the public option:

BTW- I’m laughing at the Lieberman stuff. Will all the folks who spent the last few weeks trashing the WH for being insufficiently aggressive with the public option please write up your apologies long-form? I’ll check memeorandum for you later. Pretty clearly, the swarthy guy knew the whip count better than Harry Reid. Imagine that! Of course, by noting that Team Obama has more political awareness and skill than Senate Democrats just makes me an O-bot.

Although I hear if you wish really hard and scream “Just words” at Obama, Lieberman might change his mind. That is how this shit works- I read it on the internet!

Apparently it’s only ok to jump to conclusions that speak in favor of that goddamned tired meme about Obama always working the backroom deal. Of course had he spent more than (what I presume to be about) 5 seconds thinking this through he would’ve realized not only how badly hypocritical he was acting, but that he was opening himself up to, ie: “Um, ok. So can you tell me again why it was a good idea to let Lieberman keep his seniority? Because the argument was that he’d oppose Obama if he was kicked out.”  For my own part I have no idea what is going to go down and Cole may very well be right, but it’s at least equally plausible to suggest that Lieberman saw the caucus decision as evidence of weakness that he has gone on to exploit. Maybe Lieberman wouldn’t feel like he had cover to do this had the Dems not let him back in and Obama not stayed on the sidelines re: public option up to this point. As for the site itself, I still read it but I skip most of Cole’s posts. The more I read him the pettier he comes across – you’re “laughing” at the possibility that we either get no health bill or one that’s watered down even further than what we’ve seen to this point, huh asshole? Well, glad you’re able to feel good about your little internet fight, you fuckwad.

If it wasn’t for DougJ I would’ve removed the site from my rotation entirely.


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