i wonder if the russians have a word for “truthiness”

whoa. just whoa.

(and if you need background on pravda, which i suspect you don’t)

  1. fauxpopuli said:

    I don’t.

    Honestly this whole fox news/media bias/whatever conversation has gotten so tiresome. Like I know that I’m expected to agree that ostensibly there are people who really do believe that everything to the left of Fox is just an empty leftist shill, “fair and balanced” is an accurate statement, blah blah but logically I’m at the point where I just can’t get myself to go along with the proposition that they aren’t pretending. I guess it’s a matter of refusing to continue processing something I know damn well is true or that they’ve just gotten so much more blatant so quickly since obama got elected or… fuck I dunno, but god. How can people be this stupid without it being a willfull process? I mean it just gets so tiresome watching people deceive themselves.

    -pretending that “obamacare” would be unconstitutional while defending medicare

    -pretending that Obama is engaging in an unprecedented attempt to strongarm the press simultaneous to pretending that bush never sent ari fleischer out to warn the press that they should watch what they say in a time of war

    -going on at length about concepts they don’t have even the most basic understandings of ie. the first amendment vis-a-vis freedom of the press, what defines socialism, or even simple stuff like the meaning of chicago style politics (hint: doesn’t mean “anytime a politician from chicago whom I disagree with does something”)

    I mean, I’m glad that I have enough education/background with this stuff now that I know what’s going on without having someone explain it to me, but I’m getting increasingly disappointed and disillusioned with other people and for the most part I wish they would just keep their mouths shut rather than saying something idiotic. self-restraint is too much to ask I guess.

    for my own part I’ve pretty much moved on from trying to reason with people and am now operating under the taibbi ridicule principle. I’ve found myself telling people stuff like “god you’re a moron” a lot more often and while it doesn’t advance the discussion any more than trying to lay out facts for them to ignore it does make me feel better

  2. i have a hard time believing that people take this crap seriously, when it seems like obvious political theater. people can’t really believe this, right? you can’t go on television and say that pravda–former state organ for the communist party, current “unofficial” state organ for the same russian government that is arresting historians (http://edgeofthewest.wordpress.com/2009/10/24/threat/) and has been accused of assassinating journalists who are critical of them–is more “truthful” than the american press and have people take you seriously. especially when you’re one of the people most guilty of contributing rampant, obvious untruths to the public discussion in the guise of “editorials.”

    this all has to be an elaborate public theater piece, because if people really do believe this, then humanity is doomed. no species that is *that* stupid can possibly survive.

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