Constitutionally-Protected Right to Be A Moron

Along somewhat similar lines, I don’t know (or particularly care… omg, first time in the history of politics that someone tried to limit access!) about this pay czar thing but it’s amazing how many pundits, bloggers, moronic website commentors, and so forth (are at the very least willing to pretend they) believe that the free-speech-related portions of the First Amendment contain an affirmative right to press access or anything else besides protection from being arrested for saying or printing all but a narrowly-defined list of things. This seems to come up whenever the concept of “being held accountable for words you used while exercising your 1st amendment rights” is dragged into the public conversation by someone (Imus, Fox News, etc.) reaping what they sow. I realize we’re a nation of morons but people really need to grow the fuck up and stop making themselves out as victims all the time.


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