the farmer in the dell

well now this is interesting:

Obama’s politically surprising endorsement of the raw and violent series seemed  evidence of his image as an unconventionally cool politician of soaring intelligence, and his embrace of Omar was notable for what it said about his own values. A shotgun-wielding, black, gay stick-up man, Omar was a sociopath to be sure, but a remarkably ethical one,  who only robbed predatory drug dealers and remained unfailingly true to his convictions:

“Omar is loved because he is meaner, funnier, cooler and braver than any other character you’ve ever seen on TV. He is unpredictable, complicated and brilliantly strange. Amid all the the show’s vicious drug dealers, corrupt politicians and compromised cops, Omar is the only figure who adheres to a strict, if perverse, moral code.”

For the Balmer cognoscenti, Obama’s recognition of the moral values of this anti-hero raised already high expectations that he would be a fearless, confident and unfailingly principled leader. So far, he has fallen far short of those expectations.

As president, Obama to date has only rarely displayed a morally certain strength of character. On issues from Afghanistan to gays in the military and Wall Street bail-outs, he has vacillated, caved into the status quo and exhibited an over eagerness to compromise and please, a stance that has gotten him routinely rolled and punked. Omar would not approve.

as with all things from calbuzz, i’m not sure i agree, but it’s worth a read if only to imagine a meeting between omar and obama.


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