i should probably stop reading gawker over coffee

according to gawker, rachel mardsen “is the C-Grade Canadian version of Ann Coulter.” which might explain why i literally have no comment on this ridiculous editorial, because my brain can’t even pick a place to start fixing all the massive wrong.

some choice selections:

The place, and indeed the whole of my country, Canada, was pretty third-worldish until the English, French, and various other Europeans arrived and started planning and building infrastructure and government, and teaching the natives discipline, order, and capitalism. Canada or the USA without European immigrants would look somewhat like Africa.

It’s no coincidence that the best countries in the world are either European or founded by Europeans. Everywhere they go, European immigrants make things better – until they’re asked to leave, at which point everything usually descends back into chaos. Not that they ever get any thanks for it.

So how are the Vancouver 2010 Olympics paying tribute to these increasingly marginalized European immigrants and their defining contributions to Canada? By ignoring them completely, it seems.

my brain just exploded.

1 comment
  1. fauxpopuli said:

    Yeah, she isn’t nearly as good as what she does as Coulter but she is at least marginally more subtle, to the point where you actually might have to stop and think whether she really means anything she’s saying.

    She doesn’t, and can be safely ignored.

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