Your Powers Are Useless Here

When* the NFL rejects Limbaugh’s bid to buy the Rams he can just turn around and blame it on the librul media.  The groundwork is already done – how dare these “bigoted” NFL players and their union reps act as though human beings are allowed to express “opinions” about “things that matter to them very much,” don’t they know that choosing your own employer is communist?

It’s fuckin hilarious.  I almost want him to get it – the mass exodus of black players would inevitably lead to an historically terrible team that lost money by the boatload. It’d be a riot to watch the conservative blogosphere react to it in political terms, cuz they’re only equipped for the usual routine of whining through Drudge, politico, etc. and this time their targets are a bunch of rich athletes and high-powered sports attorneys who could give a fuck less what they think instead of a spineless Democratic party and compliant media.  Hell the groundwork’s already being laid – I’m sure DeMaurice Smith is just frightened of being called a liberal on the internet. Fucking great stuff. Silly political bloggers. You ought to know you’re powerless in the real world.

Unfortunately for me this is reality, so I’ll have to settle for watching them freak out and try to rationalize why it isn’t his own damn fault he’s gonna get denied the team.

*and to be sure it’s a matter of when, not if – as we’ll recall, this guy couldn’t even keep his mouth shut long enough to hold down a studio analyst job. Limbaugh loves football and has often expressed a desire to be a sportscaster, there’s no chance in hell he went in there with the intention of doing some kind of publicity stunt and “it’ll be different this time” and whatever. Yeah right.


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