head, meet wall

in october 2008, i discovered politico and read it like 25,000 times a day (ok, not really, but i was addicted). they seemed a reputable source of political news. and i slacked off some after the election but i still checked in occasionally. 

and then i read this today:

Movie industry types calling for the release of director Roman Polanski last year gave $34,000 to Obama’s presidential campaign and the Democratic Party, FEC records show.

and i have to say: who cares? you mean hollywood types – the kind who are weirdly defending polanski despite the fact that he drugged and had sex with a 13 year old – tend to vote democratic? shocking. really, i had no idea that hollywood leaned left.

do i disagree with the fact that they’re defending polanski? yes. do i think the matter has anything to do with obama? no. frankly, i don’t get what the story is here. is politico trying to push some message of “obama sides with rapist”? or maybe “obama is bought off by rape supporters”? because honestly, the amounts donated aren’t that large – certainly, i would think, not large enough to buy serious political influence. 

some people who defend polanski also donated to the DNC and obama. big fucking deal. correlation is not causation. in fact, in this case, correlation is not anything at all. given everything that’s going on, doesn’t politico have something better to report on? something with actual merit? it’s not like obama is some golden boy and this is the only shit they could throw at him. there are actual policy decisions they could be picking at right now, instead of trying to make something out of a non-issue.

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  1. fauxpopuli said:

    Hell I saw an article in the LA times where the guy pointed out that the people the fuss is being made over aren’t even “Hollywood” types per se, they’re mostly New York and European filmmakers.

    There have been several cases of leaked internal memos detailing that they have essentially zero interest in being a quality news outlet, ie.


    There’s another one where they specifically tell people to write their articles with an eye towards getting linked by Drudge. It’s the National Enquirer for politics, nothing more.

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