more than sick and wrong

as mentioned in taibbi’s article and elsewhere, it looks like whatever health care reform eventually comes out might just include a provision that forsakes a public option but requires people to purchase insurance or suffer a tax burden.

so, just to sum up: we’re going to require people who have no insurance–people who already don’t make much money, or who have been deemed “uninsurable” for some reason–to purchase private insurance, no matter how crappy it might be. the kind of insurance that would be available to these people would be either a) ridiculously expensive; b) not worth the paper it’s printed on, in terms of coverage; or most likely c) all of the above.

you know what, if you can’t afford car insurance, you don’t have to drive a car. there’s public transportation or, you know, your feet. but if you can’t afford health insurance, what’s the alternative? suicide? this idea is so appallingly bad it makes my stomach hurt. it’s the worst kind of regressive tax and an idea that will do nothing but make the health care situation in this country worse, fattening the pockets of health insurers while doing worse than nothing–actively penalizing–the people at the bottom of the socio-economic scale.

of course, all of this means that this provision will almost certainly pass, which makes me want to cry. but what is there to do? i seriously doubt baucus, that massive douchebag, is going to give two shits about what i think, were i to call up and yell at him (one of his staffers, anyway). seriously, what is to be done? i’d like some suggestions.

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  1. fauxpopuli said:

    Well, there will be some sort of subsidy for lower income earners, there really isn’t a big controversy over their existence. The question is whether they’ll be as halfassed and insufficient as the rest of the bill is shaping up.

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