weak, part 2

to follow up on your earlier post, i seriously think it might be time for me to just stop reading the news. even more than i am disgusted by the bullshit surrounding health care, i am disgusted by the way that the democrats–led by obama–just. keep. caving. to every bullshit media shitstorm the repubicans throw at them! 

first there’s the school speech thing, which even the guy who started it now takes back, and even laura bush has come out against. not only was this patently specious to begin with, the fact that the white house even responded was ridiculous. and the fact that this story got so much play just reveals the laughable myth of the liberal bias. if the position was reversed, if the head of the california democratic party had, in 2005, publicly called for students to be kept out of school because a planned speech by bush would be pushing his fascist politics on the future of america, the world would have flipped the fuck out. the rightwing media would have been screaming, there would have been protests, and the white house would have completely ignored it. 

in fact, the fact that fox news can be treated like a legitimate news source is proof positive that there is no fucking liberal bias. to wit (via DXM):

Seriously, how many times in your life have you heard anyone refer to a sitting president of the United States as a communist and be taken seriously by an entire network news department and its viewers? Have you ever? Even once?

then there’s van jones, which you’ve already covered, although i will add this nice summation (via cajun boy):

I’m struggling desperately today to figure out what I find more baffling and appalling: That the same crowd who’ve spent months accusing Barack Obama of being a closet Muslim, a racist, a kid-indoctrinating communist, a secret citizen of Kenya, and a Hitler wannabe who seeks to nationalize health care so that he can murder whoever he believes to be an undesirable, turns around and professes righteous outrage over Obama using a menial administration post to appoint someone they deemed to be an “extremist” because he had the audacity to call Republicans “assholes” in public and sign an online petition 6 years ago that called for an investigation into whether or not the Bush administration had knowledge of Bin Laden’s 9/11 plot prior to 9/11, or the fact that Obama failed to show any semblance of a political spine and actually caved to these moronic assholes by sending the aforementioned “extremist” to the proverbial glue factory.

so, to sum up, once again: OMG YOU ARE IN CHARGE. stop caving to people who are not going to agree with you, ever. bipartisanship is great, but it implies cooperation on BOTH SIDES. stop giving in to every ridiculous demand or fake media storm the opposition creates. lead, god dammit!

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  1. fauxpopuli said:

    Yeah it’s taking a toll, I mean hell I haven’t even been reading my own blog lately. This hypercautious bullshit has to end. They keep trying to pretend that they’re still pulling the “no drama Obama” routine but they clearly aren’t. There’s drama everywhere and while he might “rise above the fray” by appearing not to get too personally involved in all the tiny little imaginary scandals, at the policy and messaging levels they’re as reactionary as you could imagine. Republicans don’t like _____? Ok well (get rid of / gut the hell out of / etc) it and let’s see if they start liking us. I mean Glenn Fucking Beck is now apparently in charge of staffing decisions for the Obama White House, so what the fuck? They need to be more proactive but they’re Democrats so that ain’t gonna happen. At this rate I’m starting to wonder if we need to prepare for President Palin or Huckabee in 2012.

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