asinine is right

today in ludicrous things i read about over coffee, we have conservatives protesting a simple, generic presidential greeting to school children as socialist propaganda, and winning:

The debate has become so heated, in fact, that school districts in six states are refusing to show the video, for, it would seem, they believe Greer’s worries that anti-Obama kids will be “ostracized.”

Meanwhile, the White House has caved and agreed to release the speech’s text ahead of the event. They also changed the announcement letter’s language about “helping the president” to “write letters to themselves about how they can achieve their short-term and long-term education goals.” Both moves only give validity to these inane, unnecessary protests.

one more time, for the kids at home: you are the president. man up and stop giving in to these ludicrous uproars. they are not worth anyone’s time, so stop giving them legitimacy.

and then there’s this, which goes beyond the political, intentional stupidity of the right to the ridiculous stupidity of the masses:

a group of pre-school teachers in California ate brownies they bought off the street and soon came down with tummy aches, tingly fingers and were nauseous. Of course the LAPD and public health officials felt it was their duty to launch a full-fledged investigation, traced the sickness to the brownies, and discovered the treats were laced with weed. Okay, so the teachers were stoned and didn’t realize it.

This elementary fact, of course, was overlooked by authorities, for the CDC’s Morbidity and Mortality weekly report exaggerated the incident to warn the nation that weed must show be considered “a potential contaminant during foodborne illness investigations.”

you live in los angeles. surely–SURELY–you know that brownies sold on the street that make you feel funny are pot brownies. how can you possibly be this stupid?

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  1. fauxpopuli said:

    I’m not even touching the second one, I fear that the stupid will sear my fingers.

    On the first – sad but not particularly surprising. I have no idea why conservatives would ever be expected to stop making up idiotic shit when the white house has shown it is completely and utterly unprepared to do anything short of cave to it at a moments’ notice. Of course as I saw pointed out yesterday it was fine when GHWB gave a speech on education *policy* to kids in-class, and oh by the way Reagan gave one before that where he blabbed on to his captive audience about how awesome tax cuts were, literally indoctrinating the kids to conservatism like they’re pretending Obama wants to do.

    But of course when Obama wants to come out and encourage our kids to stay in school that’s apparently some kind of ridiculous communist plot. I swear, and I’m being honest here, that this shit is getting so stupid i can barely stand to pay attention to it anymore. I don’t spend my time thinking about policy or what the best answer would be anymore so much as I try to figure out the best way to explain to my mom and other grown men and women that they aren’t 10 years old and shouldn’t believe everything they read on the internet.

    It’s apparently a matter of national security that we figure out what the guy who oversees the green jobs program thinks happened on 9/11 as well.

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