Here We Go Again

1) Old guy at town hall (in Thousand Oaks, coincidentally enough) “feels threatened” by alleged MoveOn supporter and decides to punch him in the nose.

2) Old guy has the tip of his finger bitten off in ensuing scuffle, apparently by the same guy.

3) Puke funnel spews forth stories of vicious liberal thugs engaging in dentitious assault on the digits of anyone who dares speak out against Our Black Overlord.

edit: eyewitness account confirms that the concept at issue here is people who disagree with each other often act stupidly in public not the adherents of party Y are dangerous psychopaths. Dog bites man, woohoo. (no pun intended) In fact if the account is correct the old guy was menacing other people, all of them smaller than him, and he wasn’t discriminating by gender.

Anyway. Nutty. I’m sure the old guy will be on Hardball or some Fox show by this time tomorrow.


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