Life of Excitement

Not to shill for Kellogg’s but omg I found granola bars today that’re 5/$2 and have 9g of fiber each.

In related (and more depressing) news, I’m at a point in my life where a granola bar with 9 grams of fiber gets me worked up.

ps. Looking at the giant bag of generic mini wheats I just bought I notice that Malt-o-Meal is advertising itself as “family-owned.” Three other family owned and/or family-operated businesses I can think of on the spot are Wal-Mart, Ford and the Cincinatti Bengals. I just don’t see how the term has any meaning anymore.

  1. fauxpopuli said:

    Man, I wasn’t really aware of that particular trend. I love this:

    ‘ “We’re continuing our commitment to delivering specialty coffee excellence while refreshing our store design approach with amplified focus on local relevance…,” explained Starbucks spokeswoman Anna Kim-Williams in an interview with the Seattle Post Intelligencer. “Ultimately, we hope customers will feel an enhanced sense of community and a deeper connection to our coffee heritage.” ‘

    Oh, so you’re disguising your chain outlets as locally-owned so you can keep pushing your corporate coffee on people who you hope will like you better because they think you aren’t Starbucks. Got it.

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