Oh man Cheney’s offended

This is all just so pathetic and insidious and tiresome and almost boringly-predictable that I really just want to say “Yeah well that’s nice, I don’t give a fuck” even though there really isn’t much point to logging into WordPress just so I can tell my readership of -12 that I think Cheney’s a dick when they already know that. Oh look the Most Evil Person On The Planet is saying things that aren’t true and playing semantic games and talking about how awesome it was that the Bush Crime Family kept us safe for 8 years other than that whole 9/11 thing and the dead soldiers and, yknow, Katrina and the economy and health care costs and whatever else. (Sorry but personally I’m not buying the whole “we only get to count terrorist attacks that didn’t happen after 9/11, the phony wars and the domestic disasters don’t count” thing. It’s a total package) and how Democrat X “doesn’t get it” and the idea of accountability for anything ever is communist and pussilanimous and evidence that people who aren’t Republicans bloodthirsty win-at-all-costs 1% doctrine neocons are limp-wristed faggots* and the President is probably planning a nuclear strike on the USA as we speak and only Cheney can stop it and … my god, didn’t this guy have an approval rating of like 3% a few month ago why am I supposed to care what he thinks?

As other (ie: actual) bloggers have pointed out, there really isn’t anything a Republican can do or say that will ever get them barred from the Sunday talk shows and all that crap. Yeah I know I’m linking to Fox here and that doesn’t really count but look at Stephanopolous or whoever else. The point stands.

*nasty word used for effect. Cuz cheney’s a dick and all that. Oh come on you know what I mean..


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