it writes itself

It was Enzi’s duty to his constituents to terminate negotiations, the man said to loud applause.

This time, Enzi responded. “If I hadn’t been involved in this process as long as I have and to the depth as I have, you would already have national health care,” he said.

“Someone has to be at the table asking questions,” Enzi said, showing a flash of passion.

He later quoted a favorite saying: “If you’re not at the table, you’re on the menu.”

“It’s not where I get them to compromise, it’s what I get them to leave out,” Enzi said.

via Enzi gets earful on health care plan .

Not very difficult to think of potential angles to attack this guy from, but it doesn’t have much umph when he still gets to be part of the happyfun bunch of “moderates” who Obama continually upholds as examples of bipartisanship


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