so outraged i forgot a title

so i have this friend who is a photojournalist in pittsburgh. you know, where that horrible shooting at the gym happened earlier this month. and he has a photo blog where he posts the shots that didn’t get into the paper or stuff he’s working on personally, that sort of thing. so today i was perusing said blog and came upon this post, with pictures from a fundraiser.

a fundraiser for what, you ask? i shall let the caption speak for me:

car wash fundraiser to benefit heather sherba, a survivor of the la fitness shooting, who does not have health insurance.

this woman was shot by a madman, and people have to host fundraisers for her because she doesn’t have insurance–not even basic accident insurance, apparently–and can’t afford the health care that saved her life.

why isn’t this woman the face of the health care reform movement?* can’t we all agree that, at the very least, we’re all entitled to emergency health care? should we all be worrying about what would happen if we got in a car accident or got mugged or some other horrible thing? or perhaps all those people at the town halls would just roll their eyes and make whining noises. after all, it’s not their problem. 

*not that i would wish that kind of publicity on anyone, especially someone recovering from gunshot wounds.

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  1. fauxpopuli said:

    This is the kinda thing that makes me feel so hostile towards people bringing the “well anyone can just go to the ER” thing to the table. Have they actually thought this through and realized that the person in question is now financially fucked? Do they care? I don’t see how anyone can advocate that line of bs unless they either could give a crap about medical bankrutpcies or are just too dimwitted to think the whole process thru to the end. When my parents first bought me a Nintendo was also the first time I’d seen ’em use a credit card to pay for something, and it took me a long time from there to figure out why they needed jobs if they just had this magic everything’s free card in the wallets.

    Dumber than a 5 year old or merely a cynical bullshitter? …

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