Garage Sale Idiocy Begins

Add garage sales and church bazaars to the list of American traditions moonbattery will kill:

If you’re planning a garage sale or organizing a church bazaar, you’d best beware: You could be breaking a new federal law. As part of a campaign called Resale Roundup, the federal government is cracking down on the secondhand sales of dangerous and defective products.

The initiative, which targets toys and other products for children, enforces a new provision that makes it a crime to resell anything that’s been recalled by its manufacturer. …

Secondhand sellers now must keep abreast of recalls for thousands of products, some of them stretching back more than a decade, to stay within the bounds of the law.

Rather than invest hours researching whether each item they don’t need has been deemed hazardous by the pushy lawyers who rule us, most people will just throw the stuff in the trash. This will also help smother Goodwill and Salvation Army stores, not to mention eBay.

via some idiot I’m not giving this blog’s laughable traffic to on top of the hit I just handed him myself so here’s a link to instead

The article you’re quoting specifically contradicts your bullshit fabrication about federal agents storming garage sales you dumb fuck. “Wtf, he didn’t say that.” you might be saying. No, but that’s the implication. If a) federal agents are not going to storm garage sales and b) people don’t somehow become convinced that they’re going to do it anyway, then garage sales are not getting “killed” by this. Since federal agents are not going to storm garage sales, then either we have a bullshit fabrication or garage sales aren’t inhibited. Also notice the use of the word “will” rather than “could” in the first sentence. Tons of shit is illegal, but personally I don’t know anyone who has ever gotten busted copying movies, trading CDs, etc. Not a particularly complicated piece of bullshittery, but it does come with an insidious little built-in escape mechanism as we can see.

That aside, yes, let’s make a partisan issue out of a law that leads people to dispose of potentially deadly toys rather than passing them along to other peoples’ children. Protecting kids is a terrible idea.

You know what? If I didn’t have a soul I’d probably be making an income off this website, because it’s not like it’s very difficult to write GOP talking points. I mean I’m not trying to pat myself on the back for anything beyond recognizing that the sun rises in the west but it was pretty clear how this was going to go as soon as I read it. I want some wingnut welfare too :(

As a wise man once said: I drink for a reason.

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