How Not To Negotiate

— But if in the final standoff we get a choice between mandate-regulate-subsidize and the status quo, I would prefer to take mandate-regulate-subsidize.

via Matthew Yglesias » Where I Stand on Health Care .

Then that’s exactly what you’ll get. This attitude explains a lot, I think. “Hello, I need to buy 1000 widgets. The most I can pay is $1/each.” Guess what the price is going to be?

Come on, people. When I call my Senators to bitch I don’t say “Well gosh I’d really like it a lot more if you include a public option than co-ops, but I understand the political pressure and will understand if you can’t make it happen.” I tell them it’s public option or nothing and I warn them that they’re in danger of the Dems losing my vote permanently — and I don’t do this solely because I’m a grumpy prick. There is a method to this.


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