i love you too, barney frank

rock on with your bad self.

  1. fauxpopuli said:

    Wow. That was so satisfying. Barney Frank’s got a sharp wit for sure and it’s good to see that he’s not going to bother engaging this shit on the merits. There was a post on TPM the other day where a reader had mailed in and said look, it’s time to stop explaining how there aren’t death panels and just call these people liars, because what the media does is report what politicians say. So rather than expecting them to operate the way we wish they would we have to play their game. Whether this is something Dems are picking up on or just an isolated incident of Barney Being Barney remains to be seen.*


  2. slimlove said:

    as i understand it, this was just Barney Being Barney – there was some comment on gawker this morning from someone from Frank’s district saying how whether you like him or you hate him, you always know what you’re getting, as he’s pretty straightforward (at least for a politician).

    and then, as some fearsome barney frank-love was sweeping the left side of the blogosphere, this appeared:


    to which i would like to say: where is this liberal media the right is always on about? and also, fuck you very much, CNN.

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