Democracy = Tyranny

And now the health-reform opponent carrying an AR-15 Assault Rifle (or perhaps the group he’s affiliated with) has produced a Youtube video which leaves little question where they stand — “We will forcefully resist people imposing their will on us through the strength of the majority with a vote.”

via Armed Protestor: “We Will Forcefully Resist” | TPM.


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  1. slimlove said:

    “My point is that with rights come responsibilities — particularly when we’re talking about the right to carry a deadly weapon. Yes, there are some areas — places like Phoenix, Arizona and Portsmouth, New Hampshire — where it’s legal to carry an unconcealed weapon in public. That doesn’t by any stretch of the imagination mean that it’s a good idea to bring a gun anywhere near the president of the United States. At best it’s intimidation; at worst, it’s an outright threat. Either way, it’s completely insane — a show of the kind of bad judgment that makes you wonder how the hell anyone gave these idiots the okay to arm themselves in the first place. Anyone who thinks like this is a danger not only to himself but to those around him — and his willingness to irresponsibly flaunt his right to bear arms, regardless of the circumstances, is an insult to the spirit of the 2nd Amendment.”

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