cheney thinks bush was “conciliatory”

and also thinks it’s an insult. this, from the cajun boy @ gawker, is interesting:

But perhaps even more impossible to fathom is that with each passing day Cheney makes Bush look more and more like a sympathetic character. If things keep going the way they’re going now, it’s entirely possible that history will come to judge Dick Cheney as the best and worst thing to ever happen to George W. Bush’s legacy — worst because Bush’s misplaced trust in him during his presidency more often than not led tounfortunate consequences, and best because Cheney’s post-presidency attacks on him are enough to make even the most dedicated Bush-hater feel sorry for him, even if only just a bit.

but this, from the comments section, is fucking awesome:

I was visiting my mother in the hospital last year, and the doctors were testing and old woman next to us for lucidity. She got all the questions right, but when it came to “who’s the vice president?”, she said “I can’t remember. I can only remember that he’s an evil man. Sorry,” and the doctor said “that’s okay, it sounds like you know exactly who he is.”

it reminds me of my own grandmother, who grew up in wyoming in the 30s and 40s and has told me that cheney was always an evil bastard.

  1. fauxpopuli said:

    I suspect they’re playing good cop/bad cop on this. Cheney has no future in elected politics and no chance in hell of being seen as anything but a cartoon villain. Bush is pretty damn unpopular too but people don’t hate him as a person to the degree they do Cheney: his approval ratings have already started to recover since leaving office and staying the hell outta sight. They’ve been all about plausible deniability up to this point, and I don’t know why we’d be expected to stop seeing them in that frame now.

    • slimlove said:

      i don’t think people really feel sorry for him – i don’t, anyway. i think commentary to that effect is usually meant in a pretty snarky tone. i just enjoy watching it all. like you said, cheney has no future, so now he doesn’t even have to *try* to act human. he can say whatever fucked up, evil things he wants (not like he was all that restrained before, but hey). it’s entertaining, in a perverse way.

      honestly, if cheney were a television character, we’d all blast the writers for their laziness in creating a stock villain worthy of a bond movie. but since it’s reality, we have to keep laughing so we don’t feel the soul-sucking horror of cheney’s bottomless evil.

  2. fauxpopuli said:

    “commentary to that effect is usually meant in a pretty snarky tone”

    that’s my whole point though – I think they’ve already maxed (or minned depending on perspective) their approval among anyone who pays even an iota of attention, and – especially given the good/bad cop scenario – there’s nowhere to go from here but up. you’re focused mostly on cheney, which I understand (if for no reason beyond gravity) and while I certainly don’t see bush ever getting elected to anything ever again, I can see him being sent off on “diplomatic” missions 10-20 years from now, ie. clinton/north korea, etc. if we aren’t careful.

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