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Ian Welsh at Open Left, via Historiann:

Ruling out “single payer” from the very start was an act of mind-bending incompetence on the level of disbanding Iraq’s army during the occupation of Iraq.  From a policy point of view “Medicare for all” provides massive savings, and we know it works because the equivalent policies have worked for every other nation in the world who ever implemented then.  From a sales point of view it’s much harder to demonize Medicare and much easier to explain it.  From a negotiation point of view pre-compromising is so stupid that anyone who has spent 5 minutes in a third world bazaar or taken even a single negotiating class knows better.

The current health reform “bills” are turning into a cluster[fr@ck] of epic proportions.  Scrap them, introduce Medicare for all, target  Senators who won’t vote for it with bone-crushing ads which ask why they want 22,000 American to die every year who could be saved for less money than the Iraq war cost; explain with nice simple pictures how much money they receive from the insurance industry and note that they are willing to let Americans die in exchange for blood money from the medical industry.

I know it’s difficult for Democrats to play hardball since they’d have to grow a spine, but perhaps, just perhaps, it’s worth it to save lives, end 70% of all bankruptcies and make sure people who are sick get the care they need?

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  1. fauxpopuli said:

    Yeah I’m not sure. On the one hand single payer is a third-rail kind’ve issue that immediately sets people freaking out and making dire comparisons to stuff they Don’t Understand But Know Is Bad like the UK NHS (even though that’s not single-payer) and the socialism talk and the this and the that and the Jello Pudding Pops. On the other hand, people are doing that already even though nothing of the sort has been proposed. I guess the question is whether there’s any correlation between the level of outrage and the actual content of the bill(s), and so far I think the answer’s no.

    Of course there’s no way single-payer gets past the insurance industry pimps in the first place, so..

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