Arguing Over Swastikas Is Stupid

So Nancy Pelosi observes – accurately, as seen above – that some folks are showing up to townhall meetings to protest are waving around signs with Swastikas and Nazi references and whatnot. Cue the fake outrage as every conservative website on the planet pretends it’s controversial to suggest that pissed-off reactionaries sometimes do stupid shit at protests and falls in with the “what a nut, that didn’t happen and if it did they were Democratic plants anyway!” routine or its close relative “Pelosi’s a hypocrite for pointing this out because liberals have held up signs comparing Bush to Hitler in the past.” Steve “Massive Douchebag” Gilbert at something called Sweetness and Light really goes for broke, saying Pelosi must be mistaken before turning around and comparing the Dems to Nazis in the same post. (later edit: Guess where the healthcare logo crap stems from? It must be hard to resist regurgitating this crap when doing so gets your blog plugged on the air.)

Wait. Isn't that Michelle Malkin?

Check this out: anyone who compares our politicians to Hitler to make political hay is an imbecile and a child. It doesn’t matter what party they belong to or who they’re Godwinning about. It goes double if they’re willing to be photographed embarrassing themselves publicly, and don’t even get me started on “Hitler thought _____ therefore the American _____ Party is similiar to the Nazis!”  What a waste of time and energy.


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