A Rasmussen Reports survey conducted in mid-June showed that 17% of Americans were Very Likely to take advantage of the “Cash for Clunkers” program. Another 18% said they were Somewhat Like to do so.

Fifty-four percent (54%) of Americans oppose any further funding for the federal “cash for clunkers” program which encourages the owners of older cars to trade them in for newer, more fuel-efficient ones.

via 54% Oppose More Money for ‘Cash for Clunkers’ Program – Rasmussen Reports™.

a) Right, let’s make a big deal about a poll that was taken before the program even started. Slow news day, morons? Why on earth is this getting coverage?

b) Setting that aside, within this poll’s universe people oppose funding the program but still want to take advantage of it. How did they think that was going to work? Was this conducted entirely within California or what? (Btw where’s my bullet train?)

It’s amazing that there’s any controversy over this at all. You can find another $2 bil (the requested extension amount) in the couch cushions on the Hill and the program is wildly successful. This is the biggest no-brainer ever.


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