This Man Is Clearly Insane

Wilbur D.Curtis invented the globular glass coffeepot, that staple of coffee counters everywhere, in 1940. Since then his son and grandsons have turned Wilbur Curtis Co. into a manufacturing concern that earns revenue approaching $100 million by turning out commercial coffee brewing equipment from a sprawling factory in Montebello.

But their long history in California doesn’t exempt the Curtis family from the costs and hassles that give this state its reputation as one of the hardest places in the country to do business […]

Yet it’s plain that the state government has failed in precisely those areas where it can make a difference. Laws’ main concern isn’t strictly how much money the state spends — it’s that the bucks don’t go where they count.

His two biggest issues are education and infrastructure. “We pay a fortune here to educate people on basic things like writing and math skills that they should have learned in high school,” he says. The company, whose workforce is mostly Latino, also provides training in English as a second language — including for some employees who came through the public schools […]

Then there’s that lifeblood of any firm whose products can’t be shipped through cyberspace — transport.

Traffic congestion in the L.A. basin has become a round-the-clock hassle. Laws says one of his biggest customers, a coffee company with a national reach, opened a local facility here to be near its own big customers, only to find that navigating the overstressed road system drove its costs to twice its expectations.

from LA Times via Calitics:: The Lack Of Investment, Protecting The Rich And Connected .

I’m confused. Where’s the part where he demands a tax break? What a nut.


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