sack up, dems

more bloggers castigate the dems and their ridiculous lack of cojones, especially re: health care. today, from historiann:

…it’s not really the fact that Senators from Montana, North Dakota, Wyoming, Maine, Iowa, and New Mexico don’t represent as many people as Senators from New York, Ohio, New Jersey, or California that’s the problem–the real problem is that they’re representing Big Pharma and the insurance industry instead of their constituents, however numerous (or not).  Remember the “nuclear option” debates about the filibuster in 2003-04?  Republicans accomplished more with 50 Senators plus Dick Cheney than the Dems have managed to do yet with 60!  Remember too what “History’s Greatest Monster” once said:  “When people are insecure, they’d rather have somebody who is strong and wrong than someone who’s weak and right.”  And when you whine about rules that have been around for 220 years–well, that’s pretty damn weak.

So who is it exactly who’s permitting Max Baucus to think he’s President of the United States?  Reach down and find your gonads, Dems, and pray that you can withstand the barrage of the Republican attack machine in August, while you’re taking the month off to sail around Martha’s Vineyard.  I’ll be praying that at least one of you (not Max Baucus) turns into LBJ and gets some $hit done for a change.  (Read a book about LBJ maybe while you’re at the beach:  this one, for example.  Just a suggestion!)  Meanwhile, I’ll look into resuming my campaign for the U.S.  Senate here in Colorado next year.  My campaign slogan?  “I’m just in it for the health insurance,” because you all have an awesome plan with lifetime coverage, from what I understand. 


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