Hard Times for Moderate Republicans

Moderate Republican Mike Castle (R-DE), who holds Delaware’s only Congressional seat, hit a wall of right-wing rage during a town hall meeting in Georgetown, DE. The June 30 meeting, part of his health care “listening tour” across the state, came just days after Rep. Castle was one of just eight Republicans to vote in favor of the American Clean Energy and Security Act. The event rapidly devolved into a moblike atmosphere as conservative activists challenged Castle with the full spectrum of right-wing conspiracy theories…

“Dead baby juice and monkey kidneys.” Who can even make this stuff up?

Don’t miss the part at the end where they all decide the appropriate thing to do is have a spontaneous pledge of allegiance, apparently as some sort of invocation against the horde of socialist demons unleashed by Castle’s support of the cap and trade bill.

“I want my country back!” … yeah that about sums it up. As much as I hate to go down the road of “conservatives inherently believe x, while liberals are superior because y” or w/e, they do seem to feel entitled don’t they? “Taxation without representation,” “I want *my* country back,” etc. Obviously these are political slogans and you have to allow a certain lack of precision in language because of that, but there does seem to be this sense among outraged conservatives that this country is only a democracy if the Republicans win the elections.

via Think Progress » From ‘Socialized Medicine’ To ‘Dead Baby Juice,’ GOP Moderate Faces Down Rabid Right-Wing Conspiracies .

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  1. fauxpopuli said:

    sweet, fixed the post to include video

  2. fauxpopuli said:

    My god. And this is *Delaware*

    I can only imagine what goes on at townhalls w/ the Rep from Florida who actually wrote the birther bill.

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