Thought that was the point

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Huge cuts to social programs, even at the levels the Democrats have suggested, may signal where California spending priorities will be for years. “All of this against a backdrop of economic uncertainty, scarcity and increasing doubt about what a public good is,” said Bruce Cain, a political scientist at the University of California, Berkeley, “and whether things that we used to think of as public goods, like higher ed, should really be privatized because it mainly enhances the personal income of those who attend.

what, did we think getting people a better education benefits the economy as a whole because of some magical voodoo mechanism?

1. more smart people
2. ???
3. profit!!!

no, ffs, they spend their enhanced personal income on stuff sold to them by the rest of society.

I dunno who Cain is and maybe he’s just playing devil’s advocate, the context isn’t clear and I’m too lazy to look much into it. But my god what a crock of shit that argument is – whoever it actually belongs to.


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