so let me get this straight

for eight years we were told that it was high treason to express even the slightest disagreement with the president’s policies, but now it’s totally okay to openly hope for a major terrorist attack on our country (and let’s not even get into the repeated calls from the punditry openly hoping Obama will fail and encouraging listeners to do anything possible to make that happen, including boycotting GM).

  1. slimlove said:

    heh, i read that and giggled like 4 times before i realized it wasn’t even a direct response to the above-referenced madness, but something that he did a few weeks ago. tom tomorrow is psychic!

  2. fauxpopuli said:

    Ya he’s pretty good at that- ofc it’s easy when the mofos are so predictable.

    Jstew (he’s my dog, I know him personally) did this one up on the Daily show tonite

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