It Isn’t All So Simple

Hey-lo. Haven’t had much to say… heard Dennis Miller on the radio on my way to/from the grocery store just now and he changed that. Basically his point was that international relations is like being on the playground in elementary school. Obama’s a pussy, Bush was a hardass, the rest of the world (or at least Kim Jong-il, Ahmanamejokegoesherenejad, etc) are bullies, and so forth, and what we need to do is go out and give someone a black eye to show them we’re not to be trifled with.

Look that’s appealing and simplistic and all but it just isn’t true.  In the schoolyard we know who the aggressors are- they shake us down for our lunch money or actively rough us up for unspecified reasons ‘cuz they’re just those special kinda dicks.  There’s a framework involved here- if shit gets too crazy out on the lawn then we’re getting called in to the principle’s office. If we get too dinged up we visit the nurse. And if shit really gets out of hand the cops get called and that’s generally the last word as far as someone exerting authority.  It just doesn’t get much more hardass than having the cops called on you at age 8 right?

Well in international relations there is no schoolyard, no cops, no parents, no teachers, no framework of any sort other than each country’s individual viewpoint, based on their own bias etc, of who is and is not the aggressor.  There’s no higher authority (other than perhaps the hated UN) to appeal to if shit gets out of hand and the reality of these kinds of stakes is you don’t know who’s gunning for you until they strike and if you give the wrong person a black eye you’re going to kill people, you’re going to empty the treasury and you’re going to foster a whole generation of people that want to kill you. This isn’t a fucking game. This isn’t about compensating for the way I wish I would’ve acted in high school. This is real life.

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  1. nice to see you back. i was feeling bad about having taken over your blog.

    and to follow up on what you were saying, there’s the whole point of scale. there’s giving someone a black eye, and then there’s giving someone who may or may not have nuclear weapons a metaphorical black eye. is that really the route we want to go?

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